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Build a strong business foundation with a people-first mindset

The often-asked question of “what makes a good leader,” is answered with the understanding that a leader is leading other people - not a job, task or strategy.

Your leadership and executive teams are designing the path for the people who implement, design, support, and grow your business.  

BCR consultants are experts in exceptional leadership coaching, development and training and will transform your company culture with a people-first leadership mindset.

The big picture is where every smart strategy starts. 

It starts with defining your corporate vision, mission, and goals.  And, you can’t stop there.  Now you have to be able to effectively translate those into strategies, processes, procedures, and tasks for each member of your leadership team and support staff.

Clear communication of your organizational big picture is crucial to keep your company moving forward.  BCR can help each member of your organization understand their role in your business strategy for success.

With BCR consultants at your side, you will realize improved operations, streamlined processes for efficiency, and be able to move your company forward while building value and profit.



When it’s time to change top-level leadership, change operating processes, or even add a new line of business, all of these shifts can create a stormy void of uncertainty and employee unrest.  BCR offers a clear vision, builds a support system, identifies looming challenges, and offers innovative proven strategies to guide you through a smooth and effective transition.

One key to change management is making sure that everyone feels understood and their opinions are respected.  BCR provides the interim support you need as new tactics are implemented, new team members are recruited, onboarded, and take ownership of their role within your company.

We help your employees understand what’s changing and why it’s changing through clear communication.  We outline the expectations and ensure that there is an element of collaboration so that everyone feels committed to a successful change management process and achievable goals.

How good is your leadership team?  When you need to focus on core objectives and executive effectiveness, it’s time for BCR Executive | Life Coaching Consulting.

We have a deep toolbox of experience and a range of skills that offer an unbiased sounding board, advice, and feedback, and detailed implementable strategies specifically tailored to your team’s strengths and weaknesses. 

BCR identifies the human elements that stall your business growth and profitability. Together, with your top-tier team, we build an actionable roadmap to inspire and motivate through effective leadership.  

When implementing life coaching consulting, we dig deeper into the personal challenges that may affect an executive’s ability to shine in their leadership role and help them understand a way forward despite what life may throw their way.

Invest in your executive team, expect a new level of effectiveness, identify high-potential talent, and focus on operational success with BCR coaching.



Mentoring and growing your company’s developing leaders is what allows them to take ownership of their jobs, successfully complete the varied responsibilities, and further the success of the company overall.  

BCR offers a collaborative leadership development approach that provides strategies and innovative tools to help all of your emerging leaders succeed – by working together on their growth and development journeys. 

Hand in hand with the existing leadership, BCR brings mentorship, skills assessment, and growth opportunities both personally and professionally that ensure that strengths are highlighted and weaknesses identified and addressed.  

We focus on the company’s core purpose, goals, and values to ensure that the learning environment meets your organization’s style and philosophy.  Support your emerging leaders with leadership development consulting.

When employees feel supported and valued it shows in increased productivity and ultimately profitability.

Human resources consulting spans from regulatory compliance and handbooks to managing interpersonal conflicts and relationships.  As BCR evaluates your human resources foundation we identify strategic opportunities that can better support your employees.

We look at communication tools, handbooks, job descriptions, performance management, development processes, and learning management systems.  We act as change catalysts to support new processes and policies so your company can retain talent, communicate effectively, motivate and inspire.

With BCR human resources consulting we make sure your employees know and feel their value to your organization, strategic plan, mission, and goals.


I need my senior team to take more ownership in growing the company. How would you approach this challenge?

BCR knows that a people-first approach is always the foundation for stronger performance.

We take the time to understand what each senior team member brings to the table. We use assessment tools and look at their past performance to determine strengths and weaknesses. To build motivation we set performance goals and skills development goals. Working with the entire team we create a collaborative leadership process that includes peer-to-peer coaching and support, reading and study materials, podcasts, and other resources that encourage skill development, an open mindset, and personal growth.

Every collaborative leadership process includes benchmarks and methods to track progress. BCR can also provide 1-1 life coaching to encourage personal growth goals.

Top questions about
and Leadership.

Do you know the answers?

  • Do you trust your leadership team with business growth?
  • Is your leadership team invested in the growth and innovation of your company?
  • Are all employees and the owners achieving a better quality of life as the company grows?
  • Do you have an employee development plan (EDP) to build the capabilities and productivity of your team?


The world is transitioning and every business must adapt to the new norm.

For 40+ years we’ve made it our business to help your business modify and evolve in business strategies, people + leadership, and innovation + growth.

We invite our clients, new and old, to reach out to us. We’re here to help you thrive during this global transformation.


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BCR Mission

BCR strives to offer the best quality services to our clients and community. We are passionate about what we do and immerse ourselves in our client’s visions and goals. Their success is how we see our success.

BCR Vision

Paying it forward and helping others grow and prosper is a value that we don’t just talk about; we live it. As BCR has expanded across a global market, we make it a habit to work with non-profit organizations at significantly reduced fees and provide pro-bono work to support many small businesses. We take great pride in supporting the communities that BCR connects with, the same communities that gave BCR its humble beginning 40 years ago.

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