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Breaking the Mold and Achieving the Extraordinary

Business Consulting Resources has been championing successful transformations for 40 years. 

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes in any industry and all situations.  Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting out or planning a major change with leadership succession, BCR’s experience, expertise, collaborative partnerships, insightful analysis, and innovative solutions and tools will bring your business vision to a successful reality. 

Business Strategies

Instead of spouting metrics and numbers, BCR creates a strategic plan that will set you apart in your industry and ensure that you OWN your company’s future.

We don't just collaborate, we form a unified partnership with our client. BCR is invested in finding a comprehensive holistic approach to meet your goals. We'll build your business or succession strategies to achieve success.

Business Strategies

Succession and Transition Planning


Business Continuity and Contingency Planning

Digital Technology Assessments

People + Leadership

Transform your company with people-first value building exceptional leadership coaching, development and training.

BCR optimizes strengths, provides insights, and builds a stronger foundation for your organization’s management and employee culture.

People + Leadership

Organizational Development

Executive Coaching

Financial and Executive Bridge

Collaborative Leadership Development

People Resource Optimization

innovation + growth

Unlock your company’s potential. We aren’t afraid to turn things upside down and break the mold. With BCR as part of your growth planning and implementation team, your business will exceed goals, adopt new ideas and find innovative solutions to your unique needs while maintaining a strong value-based foundation and inclusive environment.

innovation + growth

Growth and Expansion
Operational Improvement
Mergers + Acquisitions

We know business

We know business

Identify + Strategize + Innovate + Implement

Small Business

Do you need strategies, problem solving, or skills development? We save you time and money with BCR’s expert advisors specializing in small business success.

Medium Business

Ready to break through barriers and grow? Partnering with BCR ensures a personalized plan designed for your business, your industry, and your future.


BCR provides targeted and focused solutions for large enterprises looking to increase productivity and profitability while refining processes and procedures.

Family Business

Do you find it complex to mix business and family? BCR is a family-owned business. We expertly balance business needs with family relationships to define and deliver the results you want.


Looking to invest or expand? From start to finish we define sustainable goals, unique branding, and results-driven operating models through the complexities of modern-day franchising.


In 1981 Ken Gilbert and Jean Santos opened Business Consulting Resources and began helping clients become models of success.   Forty years later, BCR is thriving because of innovative strategies, strong leadership, technology, growth, and adaptation – we practice the same techniques we bring to your company because we know they work! 

Today, BCR is a diversified team of consultants and partners that work together and turn client’s business dreams into reality.

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Chief Disruptor & Rebuilder/Founding Partner /HONOLULU, HAWAII

Senior Entrepreneurial Management Consultant/Founding Partner/ HONOLULU, HAWAII

Senior Consultant/Partner/ HONOLULU, HAWAII


Entrepreneurial Strategist/Senior Consultant/ HONOLULU, HAWAII

Senior Consultant/ HONOLULU, HAWAII

Consultant / WAILUKU, MAUI

Strategic Business Advisor/Consultant/ DALLAS, TEXAS



collaborate. Innovate. Integrate.

we're great at what we do.

Successfully delivering Client satisfaction for 40 years.

I was referred to BCR by one of my valued and reliable partners and I reached out to them to help me create a Continuity and Contingency plan for my business. From my initial call through the entire process, it was one of the most interesting, educational and important tasks as a business owner. The BCR team was not only knowledgeable and thorough; they made what could have been a daunting process an actual pleasure. I see them as a long term partner as my business grows and changes. I always say, leave it to the professionals. And BCR are indeed the professionals.
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Alison regenold
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Dear Family Business Owner, My brothers and I are partners and co-owners of Title Guaranty Escrow Services, Inc. Together we have faced typical business and personal issues that most family businesses deal with. To help us navigate these issues over several years, we worked with Business Consulting Resources Inc. (BCR) and have been very pleased with the results. In addition to addressing family considerations, BCR has been actively involved in evaluating and developing strategic and operational plans for the Company. They interacted with both family and non-family senior managers to understand perspectives, develop strategies for decision making, and achieve effective communication amongst all parties. Family businesses will greatly benefit from the services provided by Business Consulting Resources. They are an objective outside advisor that will provide your family business with the tools to achieve the success we have worked so hard for.
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Title Guaranty Escrow Services
BCR provided me with the initial support, objectivity and insight to develop and help achieve a very successful family succession with my firm.
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Philpotts & Associates, Inc.
My brother and I and the Trilogy Corporation have been working with BCR for over 5 years and have highly valued our relationship with BCR.
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Over the past two years, BCR has been instrumental in bringing our family together to address the needs and interests of all three generations.
The Zelinsky Company


Network, connect, grow, and develop as a woman leader in your family enterprise with WLife.

When you join WLife, it’s more than just a membership organization. You’re joining a community of strong aspiring female leaders. WLife offers an annual conference for all members and provides an annual research study that addresses the unique situations that impact women in family owned enterprises.  

If you are a woman in a family-owned enterprise, reach out and connect with our WLife team to find out more about how we can lead you to a successful and satisfying professional career.



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