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Combining families and business is complicated.

The path to maximize your potential, build continuity, and strengthen your family strategic plan doesn’t have to be complicated. Business Consulting Resources has over 40+ years of experience working with family enterprises as expert advisors on family, businesses, and the successful transfer of leadership and ownership from generation to generation.

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Answers to Key Questions Every Family Business Should Know

Should the rising generation be required to work outside the family business for a period of time before they come to work for the family business?

To answer this question we must first determine what your family values are specifically in the kind of training and development that your family wants in the rising generation.

Really, the answer depends on if you want the incoming generation to have work experience before they participate in the family business.

Many families do require the rising generation to work outside the family company for a specific period of time. Some families even require them to achieve a promotion in their external job before they can consider coming into the family company.

If you don’t have a clear set of requirements for the rising generation there can be misunderstandings and unfulfilled expectations.

Business Consulting Resources will help you create a clear plan of action for your family business and the incoming generation to support a thriving legacy.

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The world is transitioning and every business must adapt to the new norm.

For 40+ years we’ve made it our business to help your business modify and evolve in business strategies, people + leadership, and innovation + growth.

We invite our clients, new and old, to reach out to us. We’re here to help you thrive during this global transformation.


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BCR strives to offer the best quality services to our clients and community. We are passionate about what we do and immerse ourselves in our client’s visions and goals. Their success is how we see our success.

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Paying it forward and helping others grow and prosper is a value that we don’t just talk about; we live it. As BCR has expanded across a global market, we make it a habit to work with non-profit organizations at significantly reduced fees and provide pro-bono work to support many small businesses. We take great pride in supporting the communities that BCR connects with, the same communities that gave BCR its humble beginning 40 years ago.

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