40+ Years in Business

Our legacy thrives

It’s no surprise that over the past 40+ years, Business Consulting Resources (BCR) grew from a small 2- person consultancy to a thriving consulting practice with a recognized reputation for success in

  • Family Business 
  • Strategy 
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Human Resources 
  • Revenue and Profit Growth
  • Franchising

We began our practice in Honolulu, HI where the beautiful beaches and sunshine remind us of our ohana and aloha roots.  Now, BCR has expanded to locations across the United States.

Meet our team

Jean Santos of Business Consulting Resources Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Los, Angeles, California

kenneth m gilbert consultant and owner of Business Consulting Resources Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Los, Angeles, California

Vice President

Los Angeles, California

Honolulu, Hawaii


Honolulu, Hawaii

celine cassimina of business consulting resources, Oahu Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Los, Angeles, California

Stacey Wong of Business Consulting Resources Oahu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

LIsa Miller of Business Consulting Resources Oahu, Hawaii



Honolulu, Hawaii

Paul Felix of Business Consulting Resources Wailuku, Maui

Wailuku, Maui

Los Angeles, California

Bridget Kilroy Business Consulting Resources Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, California

Sarianna Ansio-Mylonas of Business Consulting Resources Tampa Bay, Florida

Tampa Bay, Florida

Meet our california team

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Our story

How our story began

Our story starts in 1980, the beginning of a new decade.  It is also the year that Ken Gilbert and Jean Santos receive a federal grant for small business consulting projects.  Masters at providing value to clients, at the end of the grant, several of the companies asked that they continue providing their expertise to guide their companies to success.

One year later, in 1981, Ken and Jean founded Business Consulting Resources (BCR) and the rest is history.

Ken Gilbert, Jean Santos and family pic at beach

The Beginning

Ken Gilbert and Jean Santos receive a federal grant for small business consulting projects.
It was the start of a beautiful partnership.



Ken and Jean found Business Consulting Resources.

40+ years later BCR is still your top choice for consulting services.



Ken and Jean get married and set the foundation for a strong family business.



Retained a client who is still with us 38 years later!

When you have clients that see continued results and growth for 38 years you get to say it's because WE KNOW BUSINESS.



First full-time BCR consultant was hired.

One of many smart dedicated team members that have helped our clients find success.



BCR grows and begins focusing on Family Business practices.

They understand the many complicated layers to building a successful future because they are a family business!



BCR partners with Sara Lee Corporation to pioneer gourmet coffee sales in Korea.



BCR and University of Hawaii College of Business partner to develop the Family Business Center of Hawaii.

We are proud of BCR's Hawaiian roots!



Ken & Jean welcome the birth of their twins.



Business Consulting Resources opens it's business expertise to the mainland USA.

BCR now has consultants in Hawaii, California, Florida.



BCR participates in research and forum discussions building strategic partners with Hawaii Business, Bank of Hawaii, and U.B.S



BCR diversifies services and expands outside of the family business focus.

We have since worked with start-ups, restaurants, professional athletes, venture studios, and more!



Jean Santos is selected by Pacific Business News and recognized as a 2019 Women Who Mean Business recipient for being a woman who has made a difference in her industry.



BCR pivots to help businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic

It changed our way of life, but BCR made sure every client survived and thrived. throughout the pandemic.



BCR celebrates 40+ years of business consulting successes!


Kyler Gilbert Joins The Team

BCR is pleased to welcome Kyler Gilbert as Vice President and the next generation of BCR. 



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Jean Santos of Business Consulting Resources Hawaii

Jean santos

president • chief disrupter & rebuilder •
Founding Partner
Honolulu, hawaii
los angeles, california

Jean Santos of BCR Hawaii

A founding member of Business Consulting Resources, Jean works with BCR clients in many diverse areas including human resources, organizational development, strategic planning, coaching and more. She works extensively with family-owned companies, private corporations, not-for-profits, and government agencies.

Jean brings 40+ years of experience to Hawaii corporations and family-owned enterprises in organizational development, strategic planning and market strategies, human resources, executive coaching, team building and leadership development.

Born and raised on O’ahu, she began her career in consulting after earning a B.A. and then her Master of Arts in Communication and Organizational Development from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Jean is an expert in workplace behaviors and in job-to-skillset matching. She regularly assists clients in employee selection and performance management, team building, training and development, motivation and incentives, internal communication structures and conflict resolution.

Her experience in executive coaching includes assisting leaders in team building, personal and team performance improvement, and overall business strategy building and strategy implementation processes.

In BCR’s family business practice, Jean plays an active role in guiding BCR’s biennial family business research which BCR has been conducting since 2017. In addition, Jean leads the firm’s efforts in creating and growing the Women Leaders In Family Enterprises (WLife) organization which is a non-profit organization designed for women in family businesses who are currently in leadership positions or growing into leadership positions, to navigate the challenges, biases, and preconceived notions that women must still manage through, even in family-owned enterprises.

Jean embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and knows that business people care not only about bottom-line results, they also care about how those results are achieved. Jean learned early on that objectivity, innovation, and the willingness to break things and put them back together in an even better way are the keys to helping her clients to thrive in the marketplace. By instilling these characteristics in BCR clients, she shows them how to navigate any trend, obstacle, or roadblock to success they may face.

Jean has always been active in the local business community. She is a past member of the Board of Business Advisors of the Nu’uanu YMCA and the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii. She is an active member of the national chapter of the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM). She is past President of the Parent Faculty Association (PFA) of Punahou School and is also a past Chair of the Board of Easter Seals Hawaii. Jean is also an active member of the Institute of Management Consultants.

Jean is married to Ken Gilbert, who is also her business partner. They have twin children, Kyler, and Miranda, who both graduated from Punahou School. In addition, Kyler is a 2020 graduate of UCLA with a double major bachelor’s degree in business economics and communication. He is currently pursuing an MBA at UCLA Anderson School of Business, with an expected completion in 2025. Kyler joined BCR full time in May 2023 and is part of the succession plan for the company and the family. Miranda earned her bachelors in political science in 2020 from LMU, and, in 2022, her master’s in literature and gender studies at The New School in New York City. She is currently working on a second master’s at The New School, in media and brand management and is pursuing a career in media and brand management. She will complete the second masters in 2024. Miranda works for The New School as well as Orbis Terra Media.

kenneth m gilbert consultant and owner of Business Consulting Resources Hawaii

Ken Gilbert

Co-founder, Senior Consultant/Partner
Honolulu, Hawaii • Los Angeles, California

kenneth m gilbert consultant and owner of Business Consulting Resources Hawaii

A long-term Hawaii resident, Ken is a co-founder of Business Consulting Resources (BCR). He brings BCR’s clients over 40 years of consulting experience working with diverse industries, firms, and family-owned companies. BCR has grown over the past 40 plus years having built consulting teams focused on Hawaii, California, and other markets in the U.S.   

Under Ken’s leadership, BCR has consulted with well over 400 Hawaii, mainland and international companies in diverse areas including: succession and transition planning and implementation; strategic planning; strategic partnering; financial management; human resources; mergers and acquisitions; commercial real estate; new business development; life coaching; career transition coaching and leadership development.

Prior to co-founding BCR in 1981, Ken founded his own Life Insurance Agency in Hawaii and expanded that Company into a real estate and development firm, growing the Company to over 40 employees. Ken has owned and operated other diverse businesses throughout his career.

Ken is a management consultant and coach to many CEOs and senior executives in a number of industries including:  maritime industry, distribution, banking and finance, insurance, real estate, retail, construction, manufacturing, government and military, and the visitor industry. He works with corporate executives in diverse areas which include strategy development and implementation, leadership skill development and building and creating effective teams.  Ken is also known as a Life Coach, notably guiding individual clients of all ages in creating Life Plans, which give them a map for achieving their life goals and dreams.

As Hawaii’s premier Family Business Consultant, Ken is the past Chair of the Advisory Board of the UH Shidler Family Business Center of Hawaii, which is one of the top-ranked family business centers in the U.S.   BCR is one of the major sponsors of the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management Steinbeck Family Business Program in Los Angeles.  BCR is also a strategic partner with Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in Los Angeles, and  working with LMU  created and assists in operating and building the LMU Entrepreneurial Family Business Center.   

Ken embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and learned early on that providing an objective and high-level perspective to BCR clients is the key to the firm’s long-term success.  By instilling this characteristic with BCR’s clients, BCR has given clients the ability to navigate any trend, obstacle, or roadblock to success they may face.

Ken earned a B.S.B.A. in Personnel and Employee Relations, and a Master of Science in Business and Governmental Relations and International Business from the American University in Washington D.C.

Ken is active in the Hawaii business community and has served on the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii, the Hawaii State Art Museum and numerous other for and not-for-profit organizations. Ken is very involved with the Family Business Center of Hawaii and was a past chair of this organization’s board of directors and has served on the board for many years. Ken is a past-president of the Metropolitan Rotary Club of Honolulu and has served several terms as a member of the Club’s Board of Directors. Ken is a volunteer faculty member at Punahou School, and also taught at the University of Hawaii and Hawaii Pacific University for over 10 years.

Ken is married to Jean Santos. They have twins, Kyler and Miranda, who both graduated from Punahou School. Kyler is a 2020 graduate of UCLA with a double major bachelor’s degree in business economics and communication. He is currently pursuing an MBA at UCLA Anderson School of Business, with an expected completion in 2025. Kyler joined BCR full time in May 2023 and is part of the succession plan for the company and the family. Miranda earned her bachelors in political science in 2020 from LMU, and, in 2022, her master’s in literature and gender studies at The New School in New York City. She is currently working on a second master’s at The New School, in media and brand management and is pursuing a career in media and brand management. She will complete the second masters in 2024. Miranda works for The New School as well as Orbis Terra Media, a Swiss-based media company. 

Kyler gilbert

Associate Consultant
honolulu, hawaii & Los angeles, california

Kaleo Taft of Business Consulting Resources Dallas, Texas

Kyler’s background is heavily steeped in consulting, especially having grown up in BCR. He worked for BCR as a summer intern while in high school before moving off island to go to UCLA where he earned a double major in economics and communications.

While at UCLA, in addition to interning with BCR again, Kyler started Charipay, a company designed to help people donate to non-profits, which raised $2 million of PPE for non-profits and hospitals during COVID.

After graduating, Kyler joined Capital Group, one of the largest investment management organizations in the world. He started working with separately managed accounts before shifting roles to a business solution design analyst, where he worked as an internal consultant for Capital Group’s Investment Operations department to help them solve a variety of challenges impacting business processes, client experience, and investment decisions. While at Capital Group, Kyler also began pursing his MBA at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and will be continuing his studies while at BCR.

At BCR, Kyler will be working with clients in Hawaii and Los Angeles. We look forward to his contribution to the continued growth of BCR and the team that he will build, guiding the company to a wonderful future.

Laurie Foster of Business Consulting Resources, Oahu Hawaii

Laurie Foster

Senior Consultant Partner

Laurie Foster of Business Consulting Resources, Oahu Hawaii

Laurie brings a strong background of academics, consulting and entrepreneurship to BCR.  After earning a BA in Economics and an MBA from Stanford University, Laurie launched a 15-year consulting career on the East Coast with Bain & Company and Mercer Management Consulting.  She managed $1 to 5 million client engagements focused on strategic planning, organization development and infrastructure alignment in a variety of industries including energy, hotel and leisure, financial services, and transportation worldwide.

Laurie returned to her home on Oahu in the mid-90s to pursue an entrepreneurial focus with smaller companies and start-up ventures.  Her entrepreneurial ventures include Founder and President of Brewmoon Hawaii, CEO of hotU, Inc., an internet services start-up, Vice President of National University and COO of It’s All About Kids.  In these positions she has raised private equity capital, negotiated leases and built out properties, formulated and implemented market positioning strategies, developed new product lines, re-engineered service delivery processes, formed and managed employee teams of 100+, downsized employee teams in difficult times, and acquired and merged companies.  Street smart, Laurie knows the challenges and satisfaction of entrepreneurship.

At BCR, Laurie works with Hawaii CEOs and senior management teams in leadership and governance, strategic planning, and organizational effectiveness all with an emphasis on implementation and change management.  She leads BCR ‘s Family Business Consulting practice and has had extensive experience consulting and working with family businesses in Hawaii.  This includes working on the Family business strategy and operations as well as addressing the unique challenges of Family dynamics in family owned enterprises.  Succession planning, Family Board governance, Family Business Constitution development, Family member coaching and working with Estate Planners and Financial Advisors are all area of focus when working with Families in Business.  

Laurie’s strong corporate experience coupled with her entrepreneurial experience provides valuable perspectives for companies and institutions at all phases of growth.

Laurie has also been actively engaged in local boards including Hawaii Pacific Health, American Red Cross Hawaii; the Hogan’s Entrepreneur Advisory Board at Chaminade College, the Hawaii Theatre Centre, the Waikiki Swim Club, and was the YWCA Oahu Board Chair for eight years.  She is currently serving on the Board of the Outrigger Canoe Club as Treasurer.

Celine Casamina


Celine was born and raised in Hawaii, and grew up with a strong tie to family values – as well as the family business founded by her parents. The Casamina family started the mortgage company, House of Finance, with the goal of helping families reach their dreams of owning a home. Celine spent summers with her siblings helping at the family business – starting at the copy machine, and working her way up to interacting with clients – and very early on was inspired by the entrepreneurial mindset and work ethic of her parents. 

She has a sincere passion for launching innovative business ideas, and implementing processes for sustainable growth. Celine has had experience working in Hawaii’s startup economy, leading the business development efforts of a freshly-launched app which was accepted into the cohort of a premier startup incubator, then moving on to provide assistance to other startup ventures in Hawaii.

Prior to joining BCR, Celine was actively involved in the launch of one of Hawaii’s first coworking spaces, leading the Hawaii division of a larger Southern California based operation. Through this role she gained extensive experience in property and construction management, sales and business operations, detailed tracking of metrics and deliverables, and the ability to work with an extremely diverse clientele base.  Through her experiences in the startup sector, she has become proficient in managing the full process of a project from ideation to implementation to management and tracking. 

Celine uses her expertise at BCR to help with various clients across the private, public, and non-profit sectors in their Strategic Planning, Leadership Succession and Development, and Operational efforts. 

Celine has studied at the University of San Francisco, and the American Business School of Paris, and holds a degree in Marketing and Management from the Shidler College of Business at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. While she loves traveling and learning about other cultures, practices, and markets, Celine is proud to call Hawaii home, and she is committed to contributing to its unique community.

In her spare time, Celine volunteers at various nonprofit organizations, such as Sustainable Coastlines, and finds relaxation in the form of hiking, yoga, and being in the ocean.  

Stacey Wong of Business Consulting Resources Oahu, Hawaii

Stacey Wong

Senior Consultant

Stacey Wong of Business Consulting Resources Oahu, Hawaii

Stacey Wong was born and raised in Hawaii.  For over 12 years, Stacey was the sole trustee of the Eric A. Knudsen Trust, one of Hawaii’s largest kama’aina family estates that owns 3,800 acres of land and a securities investment portfolio.    As trustee, Stacey was responsible for 41 properties with several hundred lessees that included a beachfront hotel and condominiums, a shopping center, a swim and tennis club, restaurant, church and school, cattle and horse ranches, a tree farm and a hydroelectric plant.  

Prior to working with the Knudsen Trust, Stacey was the Director of Development for Castle & Cooke Lanai where he was in charge of island-wide real estate activities. He was also project manager and minority partner in Stark Development Companies, leading the development, financing and construction of One Harbor Drive, a 42-story, twin tower condominium project overlooking the waterfront in downtown San Diego.  

Stacey is no stranger to small business and entrepreneurship.  He was the owner and largest investor in Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar as well as The Pier Bar at the Aloha Tower Marketplace.  Stacey was also a partner and equity investor with Wally Amos in his Uncle Noname Cookie Company.  

Stacey’s mainland corporate experience includes being the President of Kimball Resources, Inc., a successful natural gas brokerage firm that he co-founded in Houston, Texas.  While active with the company, Stacey arranged complex gas purchases and transportation for major clients including Standard Oil, Texas Petroleum, Potlatch, U.S. Steel, National Steel and many others.   Stacey was often a speaker at industry conferences and an expert witness in a federal gas antitrust case.  

Stacey was also an Energy Economist at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA where he did fuel pricing forecasts and feasibility analyses for alternative energy technologies.

Stacey has a passion for mediating conflict and has been a principal in numerous mediations, litigations and court settlements.  With his leadership experience in many industries, he brings a comprehensive and collaborative approach to problem solving. 

Stacey graduated with his MBA from Stanford University where he was a US Department of Health, Education and Welfare Fellow. He also received his MS in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Stanford and his BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Santa Clara. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of California.

In his free time Stacey enjoys playing basketball and has attended fantasy camps with Jerry West, Magic Johnson and Rick Barry.

Paul Felix of Business Consulting Resources Wailuku, Maui

Paul Felix

wailuku, maui

Paul Felix of Business Consulting Resources Wailuku, Maui

After over 25 years in the Hawaii financial and banking industry, Paul Felix joined Business Consulting Resources as a Consultant.  Paul uses his business, finance and banking skills, and great understanding of the Hawaii business scene to help Hawaii business owners develop and implement various strategies to help them achieve their business goals. 

In addition to joining the BCR team as a Consultant, Paul is a Certified Business Appraiser (“CBA”) from the Institute of Business Appraisers (“IBA”) which was established in 1978 and is the oldest professional society devoted solely to the appraisal of closely-held businesses.  Paul is one of the few CBA’s in Hawaii.  Paul is also active in the mergers and acquisitions of companies in Hawaii.

Paul is a native of Maui, Hawaii and after graduating from Maui’s Baldwin High School, he received degrees from both University of Hawaii – Maui and University of Hawaii – Hilo with a concentration in business, finance and accounting.  He also graduated with Honors from the Barret School of Banking in Memphis, TN.

Paul started his banking career in 1991 with Norwest Financial as credit manager on Maui, then beginning in 1994 he was recruited by Bank of America as AVP and Branch Manager when they opened their new location in Wailuku’s Sack-N-Save.  In 1997, Paul moved to American Savings Bank where he spent 15 very successful years as Vice President and Branch Manager and Business Relationship Manager in Kahului.  Paul then moved to Central Pacific Bank, Wailuku branch in 2013 where he was Senior Banking Officer and VP working with the “Special Markets” division concentrating on dental and physician practice transitions on Maui, Big Island, Kauai and Molokai.

Paul has always been very active in the Maui community, including, as board president of the Maui Teachers Federal Credit Union and Kahului Rotary Club, treasurer of Na Hale O Maui – Community Affordable Housing Land Trust, member of the Advisory Council of the American Red Cross, board chair of Maui Food Bank, board chair and on the loan committee of Maui Economic Opportunity Business Development Corp. (“MEO”), Wailuku Junior Tennis and was named by Pacific Business News as one of the “40 under 40.”

Paul coached track for Baldwin High School and loves to spend time with his family and to play golf, run and bike.

John Benun

senior consultant
Los Angeles, California

Kaleo Taft of Business Consulting Resources Dallas, Texas

John has worked with business owners, high net worth families and family offices for over 30 years almost exclusively in Los Angeles as a consultant, advisor, investment manager and fiduciary.   John has held positions in business development, relationship management, alternative investments, and sales management in Los Angeles for global financial firms including Northern Trust (10 years), Capital Group (9 years), Chase Manhattan Bank (6 years in both Los Angeles and London) and Morgan Stanley (4 years).

John’s extensive and diverse consulting experience with business owners and their families is a key factor in assisting BCR to grow its footprint in Los Angeles and Southern California. John’s primary goal is to help  business owners work through the financial and familial matters that intersect and impact the growth of their business and the strength of their families.

John graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences with an emphasis on Economics and Business. John also completed an Executive Investment Management Program at the London Business School and received a Professional Designation in Real Estate Finance from UCLA.

John has been a leader in supporting many Southern California charitable and community service organizations in Los Angeles, including City of Hope, Cedars Sinai Hospital, Harold Robinson Foundation, and the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools.   John has served on Boards, Executive Committees and as Event Chairperson for numerous not-for-profit organizations that focus on improving health and educational outcomes for students from the inner city of Los Angeles. 

John is a native of Southern California and currently resides in West Los Angeles.  John has two adult daughters that both live and work in San Francisco. In his spare time John is an accomplished tennis and avid pickleball player and was a longtime youth sports head coach in soccer, basketball and ultimate frisbee. For many years, John and his daughters have been making Thanksgiving pumpkin pies and donating the sale proceeds to the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools in support of over 14,000 students in 18 schools that are in Watts, South LA, and Boyle Heights.  John and his daughters’ charitable venture continues to grow every year.  They make and sell over 150 pumpkin pies with the help of over 50 family members and friends that volunteer their time to ensure that students  from the inner city of Los Angeles exceed expectations in the classroom.

Bridget Kilroy Business Consulting Resources Los Angeles, CA

bridget kilroy

Los Angeles, California

Bridget Kilroy Business Consulting Resources Los Angeles, CA

Bridget is a specialist in supporting the needs of families in business and family offices.  Bridget is a second-generation family office professional. She has spent her career serving the family office ecosystem globally. Her experience includes working with family offices from an investment opportunity level to back-office solutions and supporting families in business with their governance structure and process.  Bridget’s greatest strength is her passion for learning about what a company’s or family’s needs are in order to develop a strategy around it so that she can effectively help a particular family or business. For over 10 years, Bridget has developed a world-class reputation for curating bespoke events and introductions for cross-sector people and companies. She has cultivated deep connections within the family office, corporate company, and the institutional space.

Through her industry-wide events, she is able to curate a safe space for everyone that participates in order to create a cross-pollination of ideas, personalities, and opportunities between a broad combination of families, industries, and cultures. This led to Bridget founding the NextGen Leaders Network in the fall of 2014. Bridget has successfully grown networks of next-generation family members, political leaders, and other successful leaders in 5 cities.  Bridget earned and studied at DePaul University and received an Economics degree from Santa Monica College. 


Sarianna Ansio-Mylonas of Business Consulting Resources Tampa Bay, Florida

Sarianna Ansio-Mylonas

Tampa Bay, Florida

Sarianna Ansio-Mylonas of Business Consulting Resources Tampa Bay, Florida

Sarianna Ansio-Mylonas is an Associate Consultant with BCR focusing on Family Business Franchise Consulting and Franchise Development.  

 Sarianna started her career in 1995 in Athens, Greece where she was a Development Associate working on bringing the Subway brand to Greece.  With her relocation to Germany in 1999, she assumed an Operations Manager position to oversee a number of Subway restaurants located at US military installations throughout Germany.  In 2003, she became a partner in an entity that acquired the Subway franchise rights for parts of Germany and the country of Luxembourg.  Sarianna has been responsible for overall management of franchise development and operations consulting support for franchisees in the development territory.    In this role Sarianna has worked with many family  owned enterprises, assisting them with their franchise operations as well as supporting them through family business succession and transitions.  

 Sarianna has over 20 years of experience in franchise consulting and development and was part of the franchise sale and opening of over 70 Subway franchised restaurants in Europe.  Sarianna has completed a variety of industry training programs, including Subway Franchisee, Business Consultant and Business Development Agent certifications.

 Sarianna is a graduate of Brigham Young University – Hawaii and after many years of living in Europe still holds strong ties to Hawaii.  Sarianna is a former internationally accomplished tennis player, loves fitness and an active lifestyle and is a certified Fitness Personal Trainer. 


The world is transitioning and every business must adapt to the new norm.

For 40+ years we’ve made it our business to help your business modify and evolve in business strategies, people + leadership, and innovation + growth.

We invite our clients, new and old, to reach out to us. We’re here to help you thrive during this global transformation.


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BCR Mission

BCR strives to offer the best quality services to our clients and community. We are passionate about what we do and immerse ourselves in our client’s visions and goals. Their success is how we see our success.

BCR Vision

Paying it forward and helping others grow and prosper is a value that we don’t just talk about; we live it. As BCR has expanded across a global market, we make it a habit to work with non-profit organizations at significantly reduced fees and provide pro-bono work to support many small businesses. We take great pride in supporting the communities that BCR connects with, the same communities that gave BCR its humble beginning 40 years ago.

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