LMU 3rd Annual Family Business Conference Event Recap

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LMU 3rd Annual Conference Business Consulting Resources

By Jean Santos

BCR had the pleasure of participating in the LMU Entrepreneurial Family Business Center 3rd Annual
Family Business Conference on Friday, Sept. 29, 2023. There is nothing better than an opportunity for
families to learn from each other, and this conference delivered beyond expectations.

The day was filled with learning beginning with William Gartner, Distinguished Professor of Family Entrepreneurship at Babson College. As the keynote speaker, he shared some very thought-provoking comments about family legacy. The incredible El Cholo story and the legacy business it has become was really inspiring. I can’t think of a single Angelino who does not have an El Cholo story. And the family is continuing to grow even after 100 years in business.

Ken and I had the pleasure of moderating the “Being in Business with Your Spouse” discussion which
featured husband and wife partners, Bill and Theresa Armour of Burke Williams Spa. As a special treat,
every single person at the conference received a complimentary 30-minute massage at Burke Williams!

One golden moment of the day was when Bill and Theresa discussed their secret sauce for managing
communication, separating business and work, and staying focused on their north star – all while continuing to have a great time.

It was interesting to hear a different perspective from the rising gen panel discussion with Northgate Market, Fowler Packing, and Praxis Musical Instruments. There is so much potential in that group of next gens, and they really have their priorities in order too.

There were great stories of business succession via company sales shared by the Conference sponsor, Capital Group, and two of their really cool clients.

At each conference, we learn, grow, and feel inspired. We hope to see you at the 4th annual conference in 2024!

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