The Emotional Rollercoaster: The Beginning of a Mother’s Journey of Succession to Her Son

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Now I get it.  I’ve been helping our clients manage their emotions as they navigate through succession to their children.  It’s hard enough from that external perspective and here I am right smack in it.  The rollercoaster ride has begun in earnest for me.  On the one hand, I see our transition to my son as a momentous occasion, yet in a nanosecond, I am filled with fear at the thought and so many other emotions too. 

So here I am, a mom in the process of passing the baton of the business to her son, and I find myself in a very complex emotional landscape. Today, I’m sharing the whirlwind of emotions I am experiencing as I put one foot in front of the other in the very early days of our own succession process.  The swings are wide, from pride and hope to uncertainty and letting go. 

Pride and Accomplishment

As a mother, I’ve watched my son grow and develop the skills necessary to take over the family business and this is a source of immense pride. All the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices we made to support his talent and skill development are all coming to fruition. I feel a deep sense of accomplishment as he comes into the company and it gives me faith to see that our legacy will continue in capable hands.

Nostalgia and Sentimentality

At the same time, this rite of passage is filling me with nostalgia and sentimentality. Memories of the early days of the company, the challenges we faced, and the milestones we achieved together are remembered as if they happened yesterday.  And I must admit there is just a teeny bit of sadness as I recognize that this change is coming (all good) and a chapter will end for me and a new one will begin for my son.  

Confidence and Trust

There is no better feeling than having total trust in someone and that I have in spades with my son.  Confidence in his skills and capabilities too.  I have watched him grow, saw his passion and dedication to everything he takes on, and his grit, hard work, and perseverance too.  I believe he will be a marvelous shepherd to see the business evolve successfully over many decades to come.  This trust is empowering me and my son and makes our bond even stronger.  

Uncertainty and Apprehension

And yet, when I least expect it, in comes the moments of uncertainty and apprehension. Is he really ready for all the challenges he might face and will he hit obstacles that I don’t know how to guide him through?  I guess this fear is normal because I really want to protect him from potential setbacks.   I know, with adversity comes growth and he will have his own unique journey.  And I will also be there for him.  

The Transition Process

I have to admit, all of this transition stuff is a bit emotionally overwhelming. It means I have to get comfortable with letting go of control and allowing my son to put his stamp on the company.  Maybe it will end up being bittersweet, as I work through the changing dynamics within the company and I adjust to a new role. 

Support and Mentorship

I hope that my son will always appreciate my experience and wisdom, I really think that will happen, especially as I embrace my new role as a mentor, providing guidance and support when he needs it (not necessarily when I think he needs it!)  Ultimately deep in my gut, I know that helping my son grow and achieve his vision of success while watching the company thrive, will be a source of immense joy and fulfillment.

I know this journey will be a profound one. And it will be filled with a wide array of emotions, from pride and nostalgia to uncertainty and struggles with letting go.  As a mother, I will need to embrace these emotions and trust in the abilities of my son. I also need to stay focused on the fact that the succession of the company really is a testament to our hard work and dedication, and through this process, I will help to pave the way for a successful future, both for my son and the company that I have had a hand in building. 

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