2017 Hawaii Family Business Survey

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Jean A. Santos



Written by Jean Santos, Senior Consultant / Partner at BCR

The Hawaii Family Business Institute (HFBI), powered by Business Consulting Resources, (BCR) in partnership with Market Trends Pacific, conducted the first ever survey of family businesses in Hawaii to better understand the unique challenges these businesses face.

The results of that survey clearly demonstrate a need for local family business owners to prepare for the future now to ensure a successful succession in the years to come.  The results demonstrated that the next decade will be tough for Hawaii family businesses facing the largest inter-generational shift in wealth ever.   Given the strong possibility of a lackluster economy in the future and continued family business challenges, it is critical for family businesses in Hawaii to prepare for a potentially rocky transition.

In the HFBI Family Business Forum, held on June 8, 2017,  Oahu based family business owners learned about the survey results and more importantly what they should do for the future.  A panel of presenters including Wanda Kakugawa, President & Owner of Market Trends Pacific, Inc, Ken Gilbert, Senior Consultant/Partner and Laurie Foster, Senior Consultant/Partner, both of BCR, and Dr. Chuck Kelley, formally of Outrigger Enterprises,  shared their wisdom and their experiences working with family owned enterprises, with the attendees.  The panelists explained how to navigate your way through the day to day issues of being a part of a family owned enterprise and panel members also provided excellent advise about working your way through the succession journey to come out of it with both the family and the business thriving. 

For the complete article about the first Hawaii Family Business Survey and the Family Business Forum, pick up Hawaii Business Magazine’s July 2017 issue or read the story online here.

Here are a few select additional resources from the event:


Jean A. Santos  A founding member of Business Consulting Resources, Jean brings over 35 years of experience to Hawaii corporations in organizational development, strategic planning and market strategies, human resources, executive coaching, team building and leadership development. Jean is an expert in workplace behaviors and in job-to-skillset matching. She regularly assists clients in employee selection, team building, training and development, motivation and incentives, internal communication structures and conflict resolution. Her experience in executive coaching includes assisting top executives in team building, personal and team performance improvement, and overall business strategy building and strategy implementation processes.

Jean embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, and knows that business people care not only about bottom-line results but how they are achieved; she learned early on that objectivity is the key to helping her clients to thrive in the marketplace.  By instilling this characteristic in Business Consulting Resources clients, she shows them how to navigate any trend, obstacle, or roadblock to success they may face.

BCR has extensive experience in working with many family-owned businesses in all of our areas of services. If you have any questions or need advice regarding your family-owned business, please give us a call at (808)545-4111. Or reach out via our Contact Us page.


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